What To Expect At Our Adopt-A-Thon

Here are some of the most common questions people have regarding our adopt-a-thon:

Q: What is the cost to attend the event?

A: Admission to the event is free.  There will be pet-themed products for sale from various vendors and a local Boy Scout Troop will running a hot dog/snack stand.

Q: Which rescues will be participating?

A:  We are continuously adding to our list of participants.  Please click Who Will Be At Our Next Event to see all of the rescues, sponsors and vendors. Each participant’s logo or listing is hyperlinked to their website or Facebook page.

Q: What is the adoption process?

A: Each rescue has its own adoption process, please visit each rescue’s website or Cat dog 1Facebook page for details.  In general, most rescues require the following:

  • Completed adoption application
  • Applicants that are at least 21 years of age
  • Adoption fee/donation
  • Reference check (personal and/or veterinarian)
  • Home visit
  • Verification of lease agreement and/or landlord approval (renters)

Q: How much are the adoption fees?

A: Each rescue’s adoption fees vary.  Kittens and puppies are generally more expensive than cats and adult dogs. Purebreds are generally more expensive than mixed breeds.

Q: What is included with each adoption fee?

A: There is some variation among rescues, but in general all animals available for adoption have been:

puppy vaccineSpayed/neutered




Q: What kind of animals will be available for me to see at the event?

A: There will be puppies, dogs, kittens, cats and some animals (rabbits, rats, etc.).  Check back on our website and Facebook page for pictures of featured animals.

Q: Are all of the animals at the event available for adoption?

A: No, in some cases an animal may already have a new “Forever” family that has started the adoption process and will be picking up at the event.



Q: Will I be able to take my adopted pet home from the event?

A: In some cases, if the adoption process is complete a rescue may release an animal from the event.

Q:  What will I need to bring my pet home from the event?

A:  Each rescue will provide new pet families with requirements for taking adopted animals home.  Dogs and puppies should have a collar and leash.  Cats and kittens should have a collar and must travel in a cat carrier.

Q: How can I successfully find my new furry friend at this event?

A: WNY Furtastic encourages all attendees to come to our event prepared and ready to adopt.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Being a pet owner is a serious commitment, so do some research before arriving at the event.  Consider type of animal, breed, age, activity level, other household members (children and other pets).
  • Be open-minded. Puppies and kittens are adorable, but an adult animals need forever homes too and may be better suited for your situation. If an animal you had in mind is no longer available, there may be anoimg_1617.jpgther animal that was meant to be your forever friend.
  • Visit the websites/Facebook pages of the rescues that will be attending and see if they have available animals that you are interested in.  If so, complete the adoption application and other requirements ahead of time.
  • Arrive early.  Most of the rescues will bring all available animals in the morning, this will be the best selection.
  • Plan enough time. There will be many rescues to visit and each has a limited number of volunteers.  Please be patient as you wait to meet with a rescue volunteer, they want to make sure each one of their animals is placed with a loving forever home.
  • Leave other pets at home.  Unless you have made arrangements with a rescue for an onsite “Meet and Greet” with your existing household pet(s), we ask that you leave pets at home.


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